Felix Bressart

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Bressart made his stage debut in 1914 and his film debut in 1928. Going to the U.S. after being forced out of Germany in 1936, Bressart starred in his first American film, "Swanee River," in 1939. He went on to a successful career in films and during the filming of "My Friend Irma," Bressart passed away.

124 years ago, March 02, 1892 in Eydtkuhnen, East Prussia, Germany [now Chernyshevskoe, Russia]
March 17, 1949 in Los Angeles, California, USA



Take One False Step (Movie, 1950) Actor Role: Professor Morris Avrum


Portrait of Jennie (Movie, 1949) Actor Role: Pete


A Song Is Born (Movie, 1948) Actor Role: Professor Gerkikoff


I've Always Loved You (Movie, 1946) Actor Role: Frederick Hassman Her Sister's Secret (Movie, 1946) Actor Role: Pepe, New Orleans Cafe Owner Ding Dong Williams (Movie, 1946) Actor Role: Hugo Meyerheld The Thrill of Brazil (Movie, 1946) Actor Role: Ludwig Kriegspiel


Without Love (Movie, 1945) Actor Three Hearts for Julia (Movie, 1945) Actor Role: Anton Ottoway Greenwich Village (Movie, 1945) Actor Role: Hofer Dangerous Partners (Movie, 1945) Actor Role: Prof. Roland Budlow


Song of Russia (Movie, 1944) Actor Role: Petrov The Seventh Cross (Movie, 1944) Actor Role: Poldi Schlamm Blonde Fever (Movie, 1944) Actor Role: Johnny


Above Suspicion (Movie, 1943) Actor Role: Mr. A. Werner Iceland (Movie, 1943) Actor Role: Papa Jonsdottir Don't Be a Sucker (Movie, 1943) Actor Role: Anti - Nazi Teacher


To Be or Not to Be (Movie, 1942) Actor Role: Greenberg Crossroads (Movie, 1942) Actor Role: Dr. Andre Tessier Kathleen (Movie, 1942) Actor Role: Mr. M. Schoner


Ziegfeld Girl (Movie, 1941) Actor Role: Mischa Blossoms in the Dust (Movie, 1941) Actor Role: Dr. Max Breslar Married Bachelor (Movie, 1941) Actor Role: Prof. Ladislaus Milic


It All Came True (Movie, 1940) Actor Role: The Great Boldini Third Finger, Left Hand (Movie, 1940) Actor Role: August Winkel The Shop Around the Corner (Movie, 1940) Actor Role: Pirovitch Escape (Movie, 1940) Actor Role: Fritz Keller Ninotchka (Movie, 1940) Actor Role: Buljanoff Edison, the Man (Movie, 1940) Actor Role: Michael Simon Comrade X (Movie, 1940) Actor Role: Vanya Swanee River (Movie, 1940) Actor Role: Henry Kleber Bitter Sweet (Movie, 1940) Actor Role: Max


Bridal Suite (Movie, 1939) Actor Role: Maxl Three Smart Girls Grow Up (Movie, 1939) Actor Role: Music Teacher


Alles für die Firma (Movie, 1935) Actor Role: Philipp Sonndorfer ...und wer küßt mich? (Movie, 1935) Actor Role: Direktor Ritter


Peter (Movie, 1934) Actor Role: Her grandfather C'était un musicien (Movie, 1934) Actor Role: Le baron Vandernyff The Lucky Top Hat (Movie, 1934) Actor Role: Gottfried Jonathan Bankbeamter


The Son of the White Mountain (Movie, 1933) Actor Role: Jailer


Der Herr Bürovorsteher (Movie, 1932) Actor Role: Joachim Reißnagel Holzapfel weiß alles (Movie, 1932) Actor Role: Johannes Georg Holzapfel Ausflug ins Leben (Movie, 1932) Actor Role: Hirsekorn - Schauspieler und Cha


Comradeship (Movie, 1931) Actor Role: Café Doorman Nie wieder Liebe! (Movie, 1931) Actor Role: Jean Die Privatsekretärin (Movie, 1931) Actor Role: Bankdiener Hasel True Jacob (Movie, 1931) Actor Role: Böcklein Trara um Liebe (Movie, 1931) Actor Role: Major Fröschen Der Schrecken der Garnison (Movie, 1931) Actor Role: Musketier Kulicke Drei Tage Mittelarrest (Movie, 1931) Actor Role: Franz Nowotni, Fuesilier


Die Drei von der Tankstelle (Movie, 1930) Actor Role: Gerichtsvollzieher/Bailiff Old Song (Movie, 1930) Actor Role: Jacques Der Kampf mit dem Drachen oder: Die Tragödie des Untermieters (Movie, 1930) Actor Role: Der 'Untermieter' Eine Freundin so goldig wie Du (Movie, 1930) Actor Role: Richard Die zärtlichen Verwandten (Movie, 1930) Actor Role: Onkel Emil


Alte Kleider (Movie, 1929) Actor


Love in Kuhstall (Movie, 1928) Actor Role: Der Gerichtsvollzieher

Mr. and Mrs. North (Movie, ) Actor Role: Arthur Talbot Heut' ist der schönste Tag in meinem Leben (Movie, ) Actor Role: Max Kaspar Secrets in the Dark (Movie, ) Actor Salto in die Seligkeit (Movie, ) Actor Role: Kriegel, Geheimdetektiv Das kommt nicht wieder (Movie, ) Actor Role: Himself Wie d'Warret würkt (Movie, ) Actor Role: Herr Schramek

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