Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas

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Real name: Richard Earl Thomas
63 years ago, June 13, 1951 in New York City, New York, USA
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BloodHounds, Inc. #3: Phantom of the Haunted Church (Movie, 2014) Actor Role: Robert Hunter


The Americans (Tv Show, 2013) Actor Role: Frank Gaad Master Plan (Tv Episode, 2013) Actor Role: William Wolcott


Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare (Movie, 2012) Actor Role: Himself The Music Teacher (Movie, 2012) Actor Role: Ray


Time after Time (Movie, 2011) Actor Role: Dick Kerm Rebel Without a Pause (Tv Episode, 2011) Actor Role: Professor Dwayne Cravitz The Making of Bloodhounds, Inc. (Movie, 2011) Actor Role: Robert Hunter His Name Was Shad (Movie, 2011) Actor Role: Himself The Scary Frog (Movie, 2011) Actor Role: Robert Hunter The 50-Foot Dog (Movie, 2011) Actor Role: Robert Hunter Doc and Her Lab (Movie, 2011) Actor Role: Robert Hunter The Giant Old Man (Movie, 2011) Actor Role: Robert Hunter


Taking Woodstock (Movie, 2009) Actor Role: Reverend Don Dignity (Tv Episode, 2009) Actor Role: Roger Jenkins


The Lazarus Project (Movie, 2008) Actor Role: Cop #2 The Best of the Bloodhounds (Movie, 2008) Actor Role: Robert Hunter


The Other Side (Movie, 2007) Actor Role: Corpse The Applicants (Movie, 2007) Writer


Autopsy Room Four (Tv Episode, 2006) Actor Role: Howard Cottrell Wild Hearts (Movie, 2006) Actor Role: Bob


Rocko's Politician (Tv Episode, 2005) Actor Role: Cop at Door Annie's Point (Movie, 2005) Actor Role: Richard Eason


The Christmas Secret (Movie, 2004) Actor Role: Jerry McNeil


Reasonable Doubts (Movie, 2003) Actor Role: Hamilton Whitney III Dream House (Movie, 2003) Actor Role: Hamilton Whitney III Death's Details (Movie, 2003) Actor Role: Hamilton Whitney III Trial by Memory (Movie, 2003) Actor Role: Hamilton Whitney III


Just Cause (Movie, 2002) Actor Role: Hamilton Whitney III Lama Hunt (Movie, 2002) Actor Role: Hamilton Whitney III Human Trials (Movie, 2002) Actor Role: Hamilton Whitney III


The Million Dollar Kid (Movie, 2001) Actor Role: Ted Hunter Attention Scum (Movie, 2001) Actor Role: Kombat Opera Pianist Lost Little Girl (Movie, 2001) Actor Role: Himself - Host Sheffield, August, 4:00am (Movie, 2001) Actor Role: Kombat Opera Pianist Glastonbury, June, 9:45pm (Movie, 2001) Actor Role: Kombat Opera Pianist London, September, 12:00am (Movie, 2001) Actor Role: Kombat Opera Pianist


Wonder Boys (Movie, 2000) Actor Role: Walter Gaskell Beyond the Prairie: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder (Movie, 2000) Actor Role: Charles Ingalls In the Name of the People (Movie, 2000) Actor Role: Jack Murphy


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Tv Show, 1999) Actor Role: Daniel Varney/Nat Randolph Committed (Tv Episode, 1999) Actor Role: Walter Arens On the Town (Tv Episode, 1999) Actor Role: The boxer


This Morning with Richard Not Judy (Tv Show, 1998) Actor Role: Keyboard Player/Various Big and Hairy (Movie, 1998) Actor Role: Victor Dewlap Flood: A River's Rampage (Movie, 1998) Actor Role: Herb Dellenbach


Riding the Rails (Movie, 1997) Actor Role: Narrator A Walton Easter (Movie, 1997) Actor Role: John-Boy Walton A Thousand Men and a Baby (Movie, 1997) Actor Role: Dr. Hugh 'Bud' Keenan


Timepiece (Movie, 1996) Actor Role: Richard Evans What Love Sees (Movie, 1996) Actor Role: Gordon Holly West Virginia (Movie, 1996) Actor Role: Narrator


The Christmas Box (Movie, 1995) Actor Role: Richard Evans Death in Small Doses (Movie, 1995) Actor Role: Richard Lyon The New Breed (Tv Episode, 1995) Actor Role: Dr. Stephen Ledbetter The Voice of Reason (Tv Episode, 1995) Actor Role: Dr. Stephen Ledbetter A Walton Wedding (Movie, 1995) Actor Role: John-Boy The Invaders (Movie, 1995) Actor Role: Jerry Thayer Down, Out & Dangerous (Movie, 1995) Actor Role: Tim Willows


To Save the Children (Movie, 1994) Actor Role: David Young Touched by an Angel (Tv Show, 1994) Actor Role: Joe Greene


A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (Movie, 1993) Actor Role: John-Boy Walton I Can Make You Love Me (Movie, 1993) Actor Role: Richard Farley Precious Victims (Movie, 1993) Actor Role: Don Weber Linda (Movie, 1993) Actor Role: Paul Cowley The Wild West (Movie, 1993) Actor


Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232 (Movie, 1992) Actor Role: Gary Brown


Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis (Movie, 1991) Actor Role: Lieutenant Steven Scott Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus (Movie, 1991) Actor Role: James O'Hanlan


It (Movie, 1990) Actor Role: Bill Denbrough Mute Witness to Murder (Tv Episode, 1990) Actor Role: Dr. Trask The Easter Story (Movie, 1990) Actor Role: Mark


Glory! Glory! (Movie, 1989) Actor Role: Rev. Bobby Joe


Go Toward the Light (Movie, 1988) Actor Role: Greg Madison Episode dated 1 November 1988 (Movie, 1988) Actor Role: Himself


Final Jeopardy (Movie, 1985) Actor Role: Marty Campbell


Living Proof: The Hank Williams, Jr. Story (Movie, 1983) Actor Role: Hank Williams, Jr. Hobson's Choice (Movie, 1983) Actor Role: Will Mossup


Johnny Belinda (Movie, 1982) Actor Role: William Richmond Christmas at Kennedy Center with Leontyne Price (Movie, 1982) Actor Role: Himself - Host Episode #1.65 (Movie, 1982) Actor Role: Himself


Berlin Tunnel 21 (Movie, 1981) Actor Role: Lieutenant Sandy Mueller


Bloody Kids (Movie, 1980) Actor Role: Leo Turner Battle Beyond the Stars (Movie, 1980) Actor Role: Shad To Find My Son (Movie, 1980) Actor Role: David Benjamin


Roots: The Next Generations (Tv Show, 1979) Actor Role: Jim Warner All Quiet on the Western Front (Movie, 1979) Actor Role: Paul Baumer No Other Love (Movie, 1979) Actor Role: Andrew Madison


September 30, 1955 (Movie, 1978) Actor Role: Jimmy J.


The Wedding: Part 2 (Movie, 1976) Actor Role: John-Boy Walton


The Silence (Movie, 1975) Actor Role: Cadet James Pelosi


The Red Badge of Courage (Movie, 1974) Actor Role: Pvt. Henry Fleming Episode #1.33 (Movie, 1974) Actor Role: Himself


The Thanksgiving Story (Movie, 1973) Actor Role: John-Boy Walton


You'll Like My Mother (Movie, 1972) Actor Role: Kenny The Waltons (Tv Show, 1972) Actor Role: John-Boy Walton The Todd Killings (Movie, 1972) Actor Role: Billy Roy The Boy from the CCC (Movie, 1972) Actor Role: John-Boy Walton


Red Sky at Morning (Movie, 1971) Actor Role: Joshua Arnold The Game of Terror (Tv Episode, 1971) Actor Role: John 'Chill' Chilton The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (Movie, 1971) Actor Role: John-Boy Walton Cactus in the Snow (Movie, 1971) Actor Role: Harley MacIntosh


The Weary Willies (Tv Episode, 1970) Actor Role: Billy


Last Summer (Movie, 1969) Actor Role: Peter Winning (Movie, 1969) Actor Role: Charley Capua Marcus Welby, M.D. (Movie, 1969) Actor Role: Dennis Alan Graham/Dennis Graham


Last Voyage (Movie, 1965) Actor Role: Martin Anderson


The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (Tv Show, 1962) Actor Role: Himself Episode dated 27 May 1962 (Movie, 1962) Actor Role: Himself


1, 2, 3 Go (Movie, 1961) Actor Role: Himself


As the World Turns (Tv Show, 1956) Actor Role: Thomas Christopher 'Tommy/Tom' H The Edge of Night (Movie, 1956) Actor Role: Ben Schultz, Jr.


Brief Encounter (Movie, 1946) Actor Role: Bobbie Jesson


The Woman Who Was Forgotten (Movie, 1930) Director


The Truthful Sex (Movie, 1926) Director


Phantom Justice (Movie, 1924) Director


The Love Pirate (Movie, 1923) Director

It's a Miracle (Movie, ) Actor Role: Himself - Host BloodHounds, Inc (Movie, ) Actor Role: Robert Hunter The Thanksgiving Story (Movie, ) Actor Sacred Stage: The Mariinsky Theater (Movie, ) Actor Role: Narrator Pershing's Last Patriot (Movie, ) Actor Role: Introduction Either/Or (Movie, ) Actor Role: Himself Sisters of the Space Age (Movie, ) Actor Role: Narrator

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