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2014, IMDb 3.1
Released: 28 Aug 2014
IMDb: 3.1
Genres: Horror
Director: NA, Jitendra Pawar
Actors: Manish Choudhary, Suzanna Mukherjee, Poonam Pandey

Trip to Bhangarh: N/A

2014, IMDb 6.8
Released: 18 Sep 2014
IMDb: 6.8
Genres: Biography, Drama
Director: Sebastian del Amo
Actors: Michael Imperioli, Óscar Jaenada, Ilse Salas, Bárbara Mori

The untold story of Mexico's greatest and most beloved comedy film star of all time, from his humble...

Released: 15 Jun 2012
Genres: Documentary

Happy Console Gamer The Movie: Johnny Millenium and Rob Man seek to unveil the secrets of the rare Relix video game system and the supposed greatest game ever made, but there will be opposition along the way.

Released: 06 Oct 2001
Genres: News
Director: Tony Gregory
Actors: Adam Garcia, Anne Charleston, Boy George, Cat Deeley, Claire Richards, Claire Sweeney, Dannii Minogue, Emma Forbes, Helen Adams, Jennifer Ellison, Jenny Frost, Julian Clary, Kylie Minogue, Mark Radcliffe, Melanie Hill, Melinda Messenger, Patsy Palmer, Pete Waterman, Steve Whitmire, Tamara Beckwith, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Tracy Shaw

An Audience with Kylie Minogue: Australian singing superstar Kylie Minogue performs some of her greatest hits in front of a star-studded audience in London.

2014, IMDb 7.7
Released: 13 Jun 2014
IMDb: 7.7
Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
Actors: Ethan Hawke, Noah Taylor, Sarah Snook, Madeleine West

The life of a time-traveling Temporal Agent. On his final assignment, he must pursue the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time.

Released: 22 Nov 2014
Genres: Documentary, Short
Director: NA

2014, IMDb 6.9
Released: 15 Aug 2014
IMDb: 6.9
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Director: Woody Allen
Actors: Colin Firth, Emma Stone, Marcia Gay Harden, Hamish Linklater

A romantic comedy about an Englishman brought in to help unmask a possible swindle. Personal and professional complications ensue.

2015, IMDb 6.0
Released: 27 Mar 2015
IMDb: 6.0
Genres: Drama
Director: Susanne Bier
Actors: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Rhys Ifans, Toby Jones

In Depression-era North Carolina, the future of George Pemberton's timber empire becomes complicated when it is learned that his wife, Serena, cannot bear children.

Released: 07 Nov 2014
Genres: Documentary

Nature: Fabulous Frogs: Sir David Attenborough takes us on a journey through the weird and wonderful world of frogs, shedding new light on these charismatic, colorful and frequently bizarre little animals through first-hand stories, the latest science, and cutting-edge technology.

Released: 07 Dec 2010
Genres: Documentary

Echo: An Elephant to Remember: his extraordinary pachyderm and the herd of elephants she protected has been the focus of many an intriguing documentary. So it's no wonder that her death last fall from natural causes, should precipitate this comprehensive look back at her amazing life through interviews with researchers who studied her every move for decades

Released: 18 Jun 2013
Genres: Documentary

Nature: Great Zebra Exodus: Each year, far from human eyes, a remote expanse of Botswana's Makgadikgadi salt pans hosts one of Africa's last great spectacles when thousands of striped nomads wander the breathtakingly beautiful but barren landscape. It is only by the grace of isolated summer rains that the zebras can survive here at all. Family groups gather together to follow the rains, driven by a constant search for better grazing on islands of grass that dot the pans. Meerkat families watch the zebras come and go, and families of lions wait for them along their grueling trek, hoping for a chance to bring one down.

Released: 20 Oct 2014
Genres: Comedy

Mark Steel- Mark Steel's Back In Town: Mark Steel's In Town, writer and stand-up comedian Mark Steel at last brings out a DVD, filmed this year on one of his hugely successful UK tours.

2014, IMDb 6.9
Released: 18 Oct 2014
IMDb: 6.9
Genres: Comedy
Director: Ryan Polito
Actors: Artie Lange

From "MAD TV" to "The Howard Stern Show," best-selling author, actor and comedian Artie Lange is back...

Released: 17 Nov 2014
Genres: Comedy

Miranda Hart - My, What I Call, Live Show: Join Miranda Hart, award winning Queen of Comedy, at her sell-out My, What I Call, Live Show tour - the first ever nationwide stand-up tour from the star since her BBC hit Miranda. Recorded live at London's O2 Arena, see one of the nation's best-loved comedians performing her laugh out loud genius - expect galloping, attempts at song and dance, and simply – such fun!

2014, IMDb 6.4
Released: 12 Feb 2014
IMDb: 6.4
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Director: Christophe Gans
Actors: Eduardo Noriega, Vincent Cassel, Léa Seydoux, André Dussollier

An unexpected romance blooms after the the youngest daughter of a merchant who has fallen on hard times offers herself to the mysterious beast to which her father has become indebted.

Released: 17 Nov 2014
Genres: Comedy

Joe Rogan Rocky Mountain High: Perched high above it all in Denver, Joe Rogan’s brand-new one-hour stand-up special, Rocky Mountain High, has a clear perspective. Filmed at the renowned Denver Comedy Works, Rocky Mountain High proves if you're not paranoid, you're not paying attention.

Released: 21 Nov 2014
Genres: Drama
Director: John Herzfeld
Actors: Kevin Connolly, Kyra Sedgwick, Thomas Jane, Lauren Cohan

A motivational book written by a mysterious man quickly gains popularity, inspiring a group of people that includes a journalist, his editor, a former inmate, a hip-hop mogul, an actor and an undercover cop to re-evaluate their choices and decisions by confronting their fears in hopes of creating more positive lives.

Released: 01 Jul 1991
Genres: News

Jethro Tull Slipstream: Black Sunday, Dun Ringill, Flyingdale Flyer, Songs from the Wood, Heavy Horses, Sweet Dream, Too Old to Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young to Die, Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day, Aqualung, Locomotive Breath

Released: 31 Jul 2009
Genres: Documentary
Director: NA

Titanic How It Really Sank: National Geographic explores the fatal series of avoidable human errors that sent Titanic to her watery grave.

2014, IMDb 7.0
Released: 14 Nov 2014
IMDb: 7.0
Genres: Comedy
Director: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Actors: Jim Carrey, Kathleen Turner, Laurie Holden, Jeff Daniels, Rob Riggle

20 years since their first adventure, Lloyd and Harry go on a road trip to find Harry's newly discovered daughter, who was given up for adoption.

Released: 17 Nov 2014
Genres: Comedy
Actors: Lee Evans

Lee Evans - Monsters Live: The legend of comedy returns in 2014 with his biggest and funniest show yet.

2014, IMDb 6.2
Released: 29 Aug 2014
IMDb: 6.2
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Director: John Erick Dowdle
Actors: Ben Feldman, Edwin Hodge, Perdita Weeks, François Civil

When a team of explorers ventures into the catacombs that lie beneath the streets of Paris, they uncover the dark secret that lies within this city of the dead.

Released: 17 Nov 2014
Genres: Comedy

Sarah Millican - Home Bird Live: Having established herself as one of the UK's best-loved comedians, Sarah Millican returns with a brand new live show, featuring all new material from her sell-out nationwide tour, Home Bird. Performing to her home crowd at the Newcastle Tyne Theatre, the British Comedy Award's Queen of Comedy is giving up the party scene (Ann Summers), easing off on the drinking (fizzy pop equals wealthy dentists) and is settling down (taking her bra off). Determined to put down some roots, she now has cats (furry babies) and even a tree (she has a lot of mugs). On this, her third live DVD, you will learn what to take on a dirty weekend, the right amount of meals to have in a day and how to teach a pensioner to swear. Join her for some hilarious domestic bliss.

Released: 31 Dec 1969
Genres: Family, Romance
Director: Christie Will
Actors: Alan Thicke, Miranda Frigon, Erin Krakow, David Haydn-Jones

Two schoolteachers take their rivalry to a new level, while they scramble to win a holiday baking contest.

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